Punta Ala

Holidays with beaches, luxury and relaxation

Punta Ala, the famous tourist resort in the province of Grosseto, was originally known as “Punta Troia”. Its present-day name is due to the famous aviator, Italo Balbo, who purchased several villas in this area.

The modern town is dominated by the imposing mass of Balbo Castle, also known as Punta Ala Fortress, which is located on the top of the Capo Troia promontory. The castle was built in the second half of the 16th century at the behest of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany, as a defence against the continuous incursions by the Turks.

The castle offers a spectacular view of the Gulf of Follonica, the port and some rocky outcrops with strange shapes, such as the “Porcellini” (piglets) and the “Sparviero” (sparrowhawk).

Another building of particular interest is the Hidalgo Tower, also known as Torre del Barbiere, built by the Principality of Piombino in 1577 as a coastal watchtower. Punta Ala is also known for its notable religious architecture, such as the Chapel of Sant’Antonio and the Church of Our Lady of Consolation, built in a modern style in 1961 and designed by the architects Piemontese and Di Salvo.

Thanks to its breathtaking landscape, numerous restaurants and shops, and elegant and luxurious bathing and hotel facilities, Punta Ala is known in particular as an exclusive destination for elite tourism.

Numerous tourists are attracted each year by its long coastline with fine golden beaches, enhanced by beautiful inlets and surrounded by dense Mediterranean scrub, typical of the region, and by large pine forests. The comfortable and well-equipped beaches make Punta Ala suitable for families with children and perfect for anyone desiring a totally relaxing holiday.

Punta Ala is also an ideal destination for lovers of niche sports, such as golf. The town has one of the largest golf courses in the province, where the Punta Alta Golf Club is based.

Punta Ala is also famous for its sailing tradition and well-equipped marina, which in the past was also home to Luna Rossa, the historic boat that competed in the 2000 America’s Cup regatta.

Finally, thanks to its strategic position and ease of access, Punta Ala is an excellent starting point for those who want to explore the entire Maremma coast.

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