A small jewel among the oak and chestnut woods

Tirli stands in a hilly location at an altitude of 580 metres, immersed in a thick verdant forest of oak and chestnut trees from which wonderful views of the sea can be glimpsed. In the unspoilt nature that surrounds the town, you can catch sight of different animal species, such as wild boars, hares, roe deer and pheasants.

Among the monuments to visit, the Church of Sant’Andrea built at the beginning of the 1600s, originally belonging to an Augustinian convent, merits special attention. Its interior, featuring baroque style altars, contains some relics of San Guglielmo, including his skull, ribs and iron helmet.

Just outside Tirli, there is the Hermitage of Sant’Anna, a small church surrounded by woods, founded by Father Giovanni in the 17th century as a hermitage of the Augustinian order, at the same time as the convent of Sant’Agostino in Tirli, and then abandoned at the end of the 18th century.

Surrounded by a chestnut grove with a picnic area, the hermitage is an ideal place for lovers of nature and the outdoor life. It is still today a pilgrimage site for many faithful and visitors, who also go there because of the spring dedicated to the holy patroness of fertility.

According to legend, those who drink the water from the spring with the desire to have a child, will receive this grace from the saint.

Built in an Alpine style with stone from the surrounding forest, the present-day church was erected on the ruins of the ancient hermitage in 1971 and reconsecrated by the Bishop of Grosseto, Msgr. Primo Gasparri.

Finally, thanks to its numerous typical restaurants, Tirli is also the perfect destination for a gastronomic tour in search of Maremma specialties, particularly wild boar and game dishes.