Food and wine

Culture of good food, respect for seasonality and the environment

Food and wine specialities are certainly another strong point of this area. There are many traditional products in the area, all of which should be tasted: wine, oil, and delicious meat and fish specialities!

The culture of good food is important here, as is respect for seasonality and the environment.

This is why there is so much attention and initiatives implemented to protect and promote the culture of healthy, local and safe food and to promote the short supply chain policy in favour of local produce and the O-km market.

One of the most recent projects is ITTITURIMO – UN MARE DI OPPORTUNITÀ (FISH TOURISM – A SEA OF OPPORTUNITY) for the promotion of fish tourism, the appreciation of the local catch and the seasonality of the agricultural and food and wine products of our region, with many planned initiatives including SHOW COOKING – TASTING COURSES and CONFERENCES.